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Cat in French, chat

This Word Association Picture shows the SHAH of Iran, Shah Reza Pahlavi, with a cat on his lap, reminding you of the French word for cat, which is chat, (pronounced SHAH) and reminding that the gender of the word is masculine, because the main character, the Shah, is a male.

The French word for

poster is l'affiche

(which sounds like LA FISH).


         Imagine a mermaid putting up a poster of a FISH.

OK! in French is


(which sounds like DA CORE!)
         Take a look at the cartoon and see for yourself:

horse is le cheval

(This sounds like SHOVEL)


         ... imagine a Knight on a horse with a SHOVEL.

 Verb  French for omit is omettre


 The French for omit is the irregular -RE verb omettre.
To remember this, imagine they omit the EL in the OMELETTE!
omettre can also mean: to leave out, to miss (out). 

           to omit : omettre
Imagine they omit the EL from OMELETTE!

Learn the French for water

l'eau is the noun and arroser is the verb

The French for water is l'eau, and the French word for the verb 'to water' is arroser.

French for water


... imagine ROSIE O'Donnell waters the A ROSE with A ROSÉ wine.



parler = to talk, to speak

... imagine a knight (m) in shining ARMOUR is in love.

iâr = hen in Welsh
... imagine a hen in the YARD with Chicken-woman (f).


sauter = to jump

...imagine you jump into the SOOTY chimney.


French for ”to play




... imagine kids play with a SHOE instead of a ball … it is called SHOO AWAY!

The word in French for pea is le petit-pois

This sounds like PETTY PWA...


...so to remember this, imagine a PETTY thief (m) who is PWETTY POOR stealing and eating your peas!!

la saucisse

Plural: les saucisses
a girl(f) says to her mum (f), "Enough SAUCE, CEASE now! Don't drown the darn sausage!" as she squirts ketchup all over the sausages.
french-for-sausage-is-la saucisse

The masculine word in French for sausage refers to air-dried, cured, smoked, salami-type sausage, usually sliced and eaten cold.

le saucisson

Plural: les saucissons

a sorceror (m) pours SAUCES ON his salami-type sausage...

french-for-salami-type sausage-is-le-saucisson 

The word in French for ticket is

le billet

which incorporates the word BILL but sounds a bit like BEE YAY. So to remember this imagine
BILL GATES with a train ticketand a BILL...

french-for-ticket-is-le billet 

The word in French for boat, or ship is

le bateau

which sounds a bit like BAT TOW.
french-for-boat-is-le bateau


The French word for hen or chicken is...

...la poule.

So we give you a hen at the swimming POOL with a POLISH actress, Isabella Miko.

French for Chicken 

l’ambulance in French sounds like and is spelt like ambulance in English, so this is depicted by having an ambulance in the French colours red, white and blue.

But how do we know the gender?

We include a female character as the main character in the pic, which in this case is Florence Nightingale, the famous nurse, the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ who reminds us that the word is feminine.


Mosquito in French is le moustique.

So we have a Mexican male mosquito who is MOUSE STICKing, that is, sticking his needle into a mouse!


'Angry' in French is colère.

So imagine holding an angry man by the COLLAR....



The French for 'Goodbye' is AU REVOIR.

Imagine someone saying, "Goodbye OH RIVER," to his favorite river.

Learn french-important
IMPORTANT = Important
Imagine a Frenchman saying

The French word for beautiful is belle....which sounds like BELL.

...so imagine a beautiful BELLE of the ball standing by a large BELL.

SELON, which means 'according to'. ..

Remember this with the pic which says. . .'ACCORDING TO the SEAL ON TV, from CEYLON, seals like to SELL ON the fish they catch . . .

some examples of SELON in action are:

SELON moi, il va pleuvoir :- According to me it is going to rain

SELON la loi :- According to the law

SELON la formule :- as they say [literally according to the formula]

c'est SELON ~ ~:- it depends on ~ ~.
SELON que : depending on whether....

The French word for 'suitcase' is la valise...
So imagine a girl carrying her SUITCASES through the VALLEYS.
Suitcase in French is la valise.

The French word for 'to swim' is nager... which sounds a bit like NUDGE AYE.

So a person learning to swim is given a NUDGE AYE.

'To swim' in French is nager.

The French for also is ....


...so to remind you of the word in French for also, just imagine that you like OSSIE Osbourne, and also many an AUSSIE...

...because it sounds like OSSIE, or AUSSIE.

The cartoon of OSSIE and some AUSSIES will remind you of the word 'also' in French.



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